Silly season is in full swing, so we've put together a fool-proof guide to ensure you and your career make it through the work-party minefield and safely to 2017.

1. Say yes: you’ve probably turned down work events all year, so try to make it to the one that counts

Couldn't make it to the last team bonding session because you "already had plans"? Don't worry, we understand that after a long day of work you'd rather kick back with some Netflix and chill. This is however, the one event you need to make an exception for - everyone will be there and it's a great time to let your hair down and celebrate your achievements for the year.
And put that phone away - no anti-social texting and email checking during party hours!

2. Keep your stomach lined by grazing on the canapés

Having food in your stomach will slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. Protein rich foods take longer to digest - hello beef sliders!  If you're going for endurance, try to drink water in between rounds also. 

3. Don't engage in conversation mid bite

Whilst keeping your stomach lined is a must, having a face full of food isn't a great look whilst you're speaking to someone. Always hold a napkin in your left hand (with your drink) to swiftly clean off any stray sauce or crumbs, leaving your right hand free to shake hands during introductions. 

4. Consume alcohol, the spirit of Christmas cheer (or at least appear to)

For mock tail drinkers, carry around an ambiguous clear drink (Sprite, sparkling water etc.) with a slice of lemon or lime, to fend off accusations from coworkers that you’re not drinking 

5. Let others out pace you to ensure you’re not the most drunk


You don't have to be part of every round of drinks.

6. If you've got the moves, tear up the dance floor. 


If not, tear it up anyway!

7. Have a casual conversation with your boss and wish them a merry Christmas

Whilst a couple of drinks might give you an extra confidence boost, fight the urge to negotiate raises, promotions, and/or vacation days. It's also not the time or place to tell them everything you think is wrong with the business. If you work in a large company and would like to approach the CEO, ask for an introduction so they don't feel ambushed.

8. Socialize with people outside of your department. 

People like to share when they’re drunk so have your questions ready.

9.This is a good time to grab the attention of the cute IT guy that walks past every day


Work parties are the perfect time to introduce yourself to people you wouldn't otherwise cross paths with, cute IT guys included. However, be wary of watchful eyes. Friendly conversation is perfectly acceptable, though be careful not to overstep any boundaries - you don't want to be the next topic of water cooler gossip!

10. Dress up for the occasion. Put on an ensemble that says “Yes, I have a life outside of work”

 Don't look like you missed the memo and turn up in your usual client-meeting ensemble. Pick something smart, with a hint of party, however follow the same rules of skin-showing: steer clear of anything mid-thigh and above or anything with the slightest risk of wardrobe malfunction.

11. Take plenty of snaps!

Not only will you have proof that you attended the party, nothing encourages colleague bonding faster than having some quality photos together that you can send around the next day. Keep it fun, nothing debaucherous! Avoid posting on social media as you are still representing your company whilst at a work function.

12. Make a graceful exit if you feel like it’s time to call it a night. 

When in doubt, it's time to get out. If you sense that your poor-decision-making intoxicated self is about to make an appearance, make the executive decision to take your leave. Always make an effort to say goodbye to your team and manager before you depart.  However, if your colleagues are ones to peer pressure you into "one more", excuse yourself for a bathroom break and take the opportunity to slip out unnoticed. 

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