No matter how impressive your résumé or what fancy degrees you’ve earned, finding the best work clothes can be a challenge as daunting as writing a few dozen cover letters.


Maybe you’re a soon-to-be grad (congrats!), and you don’t want to drop a couple hundred bucks on an “interview outfit” that, when you think about it, you actually kind of hate; maybe you’re about to make the move from a jeans-and-hoodies start-up to a business-casual corporate office and have spent more time stressing over the dress code than you have your new responsibilities; maybe you’re just stuck in a skirt-suit rut.


Thank goodness it’s 2016, and brands are taking heed of your concerns. A new crop of start-ups has emerged in the workwear space in recent years, tackling the need for office-friendly attire with a millennial’s eye for comfort, aesthetics, and price.


This brand-new Aussie label, which launched earlier this month, is a godsend for nine-to-fivers on a budget. Among the Claire Underwood–esque sheath dresses, satin-trimmed blazers, and slim-cut skirts, little rings just more than $100 (though do keep in mind that international shipping rates apply). Plus, enter code STYLECASTER at checkout to get 15 percent off. And to do a little good with the money you save, you can donate to Dress for Success, a charity the brand has partnered with to provide skills training and interview attire to disadvantaged women.


Article by Hilary George-Parkin of StyleCaster